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Room 1: Silent

Room 1:  Silent

  • [ Witchcraft ]
  • Long time ago, there was a famous fortune-teller. As long as you give him a lot of gold coins, he would answer all your questions. However, one day, the old log cabin became deathly quiet people now call him Mr. Silent. Now, you are in front of the log cabin...

  • Keywords
  • Beginner friendly, Immersive experience
  • Difficulty: 3 out of 5
    Capacity: 2-5 people
Time Limit: 60 minutes

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Mysterious Case

Room 2:  X-Case

  • [ Adventure ]
  • In an abandoned factory office, there was a mysterious murder, police searched this area and have no clue. So they called you as a detective to help. You came to the factory, but found things are far from a simple murder case.

  • Keywords
  • Break the rules, Climbing involved
  • Difficulty: 4 out of 5
    Capacity: 3-6 people

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Room 3: Vanishing

  • [ Suspenseful Drama ]
  • Recently a young architect has been reported missing after receving a large inheritance. His concerned friends have come to you for help. Will you be able to find out what has happened?

  • Keywords
  • Unexpected, Logic Thinking
  • Difficulty: 4.5 out of 5
    Capacity: 4-10 people

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Team Building

Team Building

  • [Fun Time]
  • Looking for an activity for large group? We are your best choice! We value teamwork as you do. All three rooms will give you and your friends or colleagues a great time playing together.

  • Keywords
  • Problem Solving, Team work
  • Difficulty: 3 - 4 .5 out of 5
    Capacity: 21 people max

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