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Real Life Escape Game, Sydney
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Escape Game Room 1: Silent

Beginner friendly
Escape Game Room 2: X-Case

Break the rules
Escape Game Room 3: Vanishing

Unexpected storyline
Fun Team Building Activity
Team Building

Teamwork & problem solving

Why Choose Us?

Ice Break
Escape Room

We emphasis the puzzle logic in the escape room, strive to let players immerse themselves in the environment.

Why choose us?
- We have three themed escape rooms with thoughtful narrative story lines.
- We have variety of logic, dexterity, high-tech and clue-based puzzles.
- We value the importance of teamwork for players. Every players could involve in the game.
- Private games: You can play with your own teammates.

Sydney's newest real-life puzzle game

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What is an Escape Room?

Escape room games are real-life puzzle game where a small team is trapped and must solve several puzzles in a limited time period to free themselves.

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Expert Review

My Favourite Escape Room

I haven’t played a theme that is really creative for so long. For a normal escape room, the plot is always you accidently locked in a room for different reasons, reasonably guided clues, accompanied by a fascinating storyline, everything else is auxiliary. However, Mysterious Case cleverly string these things together, gave me a remarkable experience. Read More


Your room belongs to you and your team

Once you booked an escape room, you would only go in to the room with your friends. We will not share this room to another team.

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General Queries

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Booking Assistance

Booking Assistance

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Information for Players

Information for players

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