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Escape Game Room 1: Silent

Beginner friendly
Escape Game Room 2: X-Case

Break the rules
Escape Game Room 3: Vanishing

Unexpected storyline
Fun Team Building Activity
Team Building

Teamwork & problem solving

Looking for a thrilling escape room in Sydney?

Our escape game intertwines an intricate narrative and thought-provoking challenges that test your logic and dexterity. These clue-based puzzles are exactly what you need to stimulate a sense of adventure, improve teamwork and hone your problem-solving skills.

Why Choose Us?

Ice Break
Escape Room

Our escape room in Sydney is irrefutably one of the most thrilling on this side of the city. We emphasise puzzle logic, encouraging players to immerse themselves in the environment and find new ways to challenge themselves.

Here’s a quick rundown on why people keep choosing us:

- You can select from three themed escape rooms, each with a meticulously laid out narrative and interesting storylines.
- You can work on improving logic, dexterity and teamwork by solving our high-tech, clue-based puzzles.
- We’re big on teamwork, making sure there’s space for every player to stay involved in the game.
- Privacy is never an issue! When you book a room, you’re only playing with your teammates, no one else!

Sydney's newest real-life puzzle game

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When you book a Sydney escape room with us, you’re not just going to kill time with your friends. The narrative and puzzles you’ll encounter here will build unforgettable memories with your friends and family.

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Our escape games aren’t just designed for a good time. Although they’re undeniably fun and exciting, they’re also thought-provoking. They will keep you entertained, engaged and on your toes until you find a way out of the escape room!

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What is an Escape Room?

Our Sydney escape room games are real-life puzzle games involving you and your friends. Your small team will be immersed in a situation where you are trapped and must solve several puzzles in a limited timeframe so you can free yourselves.

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Expert Review

My Favourite Escape Room

I haven’t played a theme that is really creative for so long. For a normal escape room, the plot is always you accidently locked in a room for different reasons, reasonably guided clues, accompanied by a fascinating storyline, everything else is auxiliary. However, Mysterious Case cleverly string these things together, gave me a remarkable experience. Read More


Your room belongs to you and your team

When you book an escape room in Sydney, you can rest assured that you and your friends will have the entire room to yourselves. You won’t share the space with another team, so you feel more comfortable navigating the puzzles and sharing your thoughts.

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Booking Assistance

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An escape room is a real-life combination of immersive mystery, story-driven narrative and logic puzzle. You’re placed into an unfamiliar environment, with a series of clues to solve — then, using a combination of gadgets, street smarts and physical skill, you’ll be able to uncover new secrets, progress the story and eventually make your escape! But you’ll need to have all of your wits about you in order to make it before the clock runs out of time...

At Icebreak Escape, our rooms typically take between 60 and 80 minutes to complete — with our escape rooms in Sydney CBD, it’s the perfect way to break up a day in town.

At Ice Break Escape Room, we value teamwork among our players highly — we want all players to feel involved in the game, so all of our rooms are designed for at least 2 people. The upper limit of people ranges from 6 to 10 people, depending on the specific room.

Escape rooms are deliberately designed to challenge your mental limits — but they’re also designed to follow a logical pattern. Think about the backstory you’ve been given for the room. What sort of information was revealed there that might connect with the clues you’ve been given?

Being able to work well with your teammates is essential, too. Remember, you may need more than one person to solve a particular puzzle. A keen eye for detail and the ability to keep a close eye on your remaining time while maintaining a cool head will also serve you well.

And of course, if you don’t succeed in escaping this time, you can always return another day and try again…

At Icebreak Escape, our rooms typically take between 60 and 80 minutes to complete — with our escape rooms in Sydney CBD, it’s the perfect way to break up a day in town.

Challenge yourself !

Ice Break Escape Room immerses you in various environments that emphasise teamwork and puzzle logic. We ensure every player is stimulated and actively involved in the game. Choose from our Sydney escape room options: Silent, X-Case and Vanishing.